Amazon Web Services

AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon providing on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis.

Course Fee

INR 15000 + 18% GST Applicable


32 Hours

Topics Covered

Networking Basics:

  • What is Network?
  • Defining Networks with OSI Model
  • Switch, Router, Gateway, Firewall, Webservers, VPN & Load-Balancers
  • Understanding TCP/IP Model
  • Understanding IP Addressing

Course Overview:

The Course is designed to achieve Planning, Designing and Implementing Amazon Web Services. The Course Starts with Case Study which cover all the components end to end ensures participant to do real world Implementation.

Module -1: Introduction to Cloud

  • What is Cloud?
  • Characteristics of Cloud
  • How Cloud works?
  • Types of Cloud
  • Cloud offerings
  • Different Types of Cloud Providers

Module -2: AWS Introduction

  • Introducing AWS
  • Understanding AWS Architecture with case study (A Holistic View)

Module-3: Virtual Private Cloud

  • What is VPC?
  • How VPC Works?
  • Implementing VPC
  • Understanding Implicit router and routing table
  • Understanding private and public subnet
  • Understanding and creating a custom routing table (private and public)
  • Understanding and Implementing an Internet Gateway
  • Understanding and Implementing Nat Gateway

Module-4: Elastic Cloud Computing

  • What is EC2?
  • Understanding EC2 Instance classification based on performance tiers (Compute, Memory, Storage, GPU, General Purpose).
  • Understanding EC2 Instance Purchase options
  • Understanding AMI (Amazon Machine Image)
  • Deploying EC2 Instance
  • Understanding EC2 Instance Key pair, IP Configurations
  • Reserved IP addresses
  • EC2 Instances Auto Scaling.

Module-5: Security Group

  • What is Security group
  • Understanding Rules in Security group
  • Implementing security group for the public and private subnet
  • Understanding Bastion host
  • Implementing Bastion host for accessing public subnet ec2 instances from internet securely.

Module-6: Elastic Load balancing

  • Understanding Load balancing
  • Types of AWS elastic load balancer
  • How Elastic Load balancer works
  • Difference Between internal and external load balancer
  • Implementing elastic load balancer

Module-7: Route 53

  • Understanding Route 53
  • Understanding the basics of DNS
  • Implementing DNS using Route 53
  • Understanding Traffic Management
  • Use Cases- Burst to Cloud, Failover, Load Balancing
  • Understanding Routing Policies
  • Implementing Traffic Management with routing policies

Module-8 AWS Storage

  • Introduction to AWS Storage
  • AWS Storage types (EBS,EFS,S3)
  • Understanding EBS
  • Classification of EBS Based on storage performance
  • Creating a EBS Volume
  • Attaching a EBS Volume
  • Understanding EBS Snapshots
  • Creating a EBS Snapshot
  • Creating a EBS DISK Image using snapshot
  • Recover EBS volume using snapshot
  • Understanding and Implementing EBS snapshots
  • Understanding S3 Bucket
  • Storage classes of S3 Bucket
  • Understanding and Implementing Object Management life cycle
  • Understanding Static web site host
  • Configuring static web site host using S3 bucket

Module -9: Cloud Front

  • What is Cloud Front
  • How Cloud Front works
  • Understanding Edge Server and Edge Cache Server
  • Types of Cloud Front Orgin Servers
  • Implementing a Cloud Front
  • Accessing the content using cloud front

Module-10: Implementing PAAS

  • What is RDS?
  • How RDS Works?
  • Implementing RDS
  • Simple Queue Service
  • Simple Notification Service
  • Lambda

Module-11: Monitoring AWS

  • Introduction Cloud Watch
  • Configuring Cloud Watch
  • Monitoring services using Cloud watch

Module -12: Identity Access Management

  • Introduction IAM
  • Creating users
  • Creating groups
  • Creating Policies
  • Configuring Role Based Access control

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