About Us

Open Source Enterprise Laboratories is a new training institute founded by team of experienced hands in the field of open source platforms, especially in Linux who have been an Red Hat architects. OSELabs places special emphasis on Linux training at its core and thereby developing products which are applicable to many essential segments like finance, banking, insurance.

A classic example for the importance of open source operating system is that recently much used portal in India, the IRCTC has switched its operating system to Linux chiefly for its efficiency. Having understood the importance of open source products Red Hat Certified Engineers in OSELabs punctuate the success of many students who have now become experts in scripting codex like Shell, Phython, Pearl Ruby and so on.


To create an “in-depth knowledge driven community” who can spear head the future of open-source products.


A two-pronge methods to achieve the vision are;
1. Create the zeal among the students for continuous learning through intensive training on Linux and Red Hat based products.
2. Create an un-dying spirit among the students to develop their own open source products which can effect across domains.

  Linux Training center in Chennai